Remcash rides on the Fortek platform

Remcash is powered by Fortek, the first digital banking provider in Ghana and aims to build the largest ecosystem of financial services players in Africa, with connection to key platforms in Europe, Americas and Asia.
Fortek aims to refine and redefine the lifestyle of its customers by aggregating various financial services on a single banking application thereby enabling seamless transfer from one user to another through its open banking API interface.

Our technology Partner, Codebase Technologies (CBT), is a Global Open API Banking solutions provider that enables banks and financial institutions as well as the emerging FinTech ecosystem to Demystify Digital Financial Services. With presence across 4 continents, this platform unlocks the true potential of the next generation of the digital financial eco-system.
Aided by this technology, Remcash is positioned to create and deliver Innovative and Intuitive experiences across its customer lifecycle.